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Your Second Brain: A Healthy Gut is a Healthy Mind

Learn how poor gut health develops, what happens when your gut is compromised, and why you’re now sensitive to foods you could previously eat. This fascinating workshop from Healing River Chiropractic will help you understand common food allergens, the difference between celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, what an elimination diet is and how to successfully complete one. Our holistic Chiropractors will also explain what are probiotics and when should you use them.

Brain Chat: Anxiety and Coping Strategies

Learn about basic brain health and how an imbalance of neurotransmitters can cause your jitters; what foods you should eat more or avoid to bring balance back to your mind; and the use of aroma therapy and essential oils for anxiety. You will leave the workshop with simple exercises, meditations, and stretches to ease your mind as well.

Feed Kids Real Food

Teaching our children to feed themselves a healthy diet are among a parent’s most important responsibilities. Let Dr. Kellie Seth, DC, help you teach them to build vibrant bodies and minds and to enjoy a lifetime of healthy cooking and eating during the early years. She will share the top 10 tips for the healthy-eating child covering: strategy, nutrient-dense food choices, child empowerment, and what not to do. Dr. Kellie will share a delicious sample and give kid-tested recipes to take home.

Women's Essential Detox

As we get into our 30's, 40's and beyond, we struggle to lose the extra weight and fight the pervasive round tummy.  Stop wondering which diet or exercise is right and learn how estrogen can dictate your body's fat distribution, energy levels, sleep patterns, metabolism, memory, mood, and much more.  Understand the sources of hormonal imbalance and the vital, yet simple, body detox to achieve your ideal weight and balanced health goals.  Join Dr. Kellie Seth, DC as she simply but thoroughly explains how to create hormonal and health balance through foods, lifestyle and the essential 2 phase body detox.

Nutrition For Stress

Stress is THE issue of modern times, a primary cause of many illnesses. Managing stress can be difficult because there are different types of stress, each with its own intensity, symptoms and characteristics. Dr. Kellie Seth, of Healing River Chiropractic, will identify the six unique types of stress manifestations in the body, which nutrients can support and resolve each imbalance and the best eating practices while under duress. Learn how to take care of yourself to feel relaxed, energized and care-free again.

Can Probiotics Heal Your Digestive Problems

The word on the street is that probiotics are beneficial and healing to your digestive tract.  So why isn’t your favorite yogurt decreasing the daily bloating, heartburn, gas, and discomfort you’re experiencing?  Come learn what probiotics can and cannot do for your intestinal health.  We will cover all the bases on how to clean, repair and heal your “second brain” with the proper use of probiotics, healthy food choices, yeast-fighting herbs and so much more. Find out why Activia can’t be the cure-all to your digestive distress.

More Workshops & Seminars


Are Your Health Foods Making You Sick?

All health problems have a nutritional component.  Come and learn about the common “health” foods that contribute to your pains and health complaints.  We will discuss specific common-place foods and why they lead to a disease state.  Find out how your body’s unique nutritional imbalances lead to health symptoms and how you can stop the decline to poor health and disease.

Morphogenic Field Technique

The Healing River Chiropractic’s Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) workshop will teach registrants about how common foods have changed over the years through Genetic Engineering and Pesticides. Attendees will also acquire the knowledge of how to muscle test, experience how those foods affect your body, and find homeopathic solutions for a mild detoxification.

Morphogenic Field Technique is an innovative energy signature testing procedure used by the holistic chiropractors at Healing River Chiropractic. It originates (“genic”) positive change (“morph”) and harnesses the power of the body’s energy fields at the cellular level. It is an integrated holistic approach that involves 100% natural and nutritional protocols custom matched to each individual’s needs.  

The Secret to Soups

The making of soups is a culinary technique, a health practice and a way to save time and money. Autumn farmers’ markets are replete with immune-strengthening foods that are essential to health during the winter months. Learn the power-house healing potential of autumn soups. Presented by Dr. Kellie Seth, DC who will teach the varieties of immune-enhancing foods, the five elements of traditional healing soup and the basics of soup preparation. Sample a delicious and healing soup and take home recipes the whole family will love.

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