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Dr. Kellie Seth, D.C., Clinic Founder


A Revolutionary Healer



Dr. Kellie Seth graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997 with a pre-medicine focus.  She accomplished her double majors, Entomology and Zoology, with several academic scholarships and repeated honors on the Dean's list.  

Dr. Seth earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2013 with honors and a focus on Neurology and Nutrition.

Dr. Seth is a certified Morphogenic Field Technique practitioner, which she was awarded in 2017. She is also a certified NETA personal trainer and has personally trained individuals and led group exercise fitness classes. 


Her Journey to Becoming a Healer

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Kellie Seth has wanted to be a healer. “I think I was about three years old when I brought home a salamander that was barely alive in the hope that my mother could help me resuscitate it.” That was the first of many “rescues” that Dr. Kellie performed as a child. That childhood fascination for healing would eventually put Dr. Seth on the first steps of a path to becoming a revolutionary holistic chiropractor who would establish a natural healthcare practice in Stillwater that would help heal thousands of people in pain, illness and discomfort.

Before Dr. Seth opened her holistic chiropractic practice in Stillwater in 2013, she earned an undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a pre-medicine focus and then a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2013.

In between her two degrees, Dr. Seth worked as a biochemist and entomologist and in laboratory research. But it was a vacation to India that altered Dr. Seth’s path away from biochemistry and toward becoming a natural healer.

“I was in India on vacation when the car I was riding in was struck head-on by a logging truck,” recalls Dr. Seth. “I was left in a coma with a traumatic brain injury that would take me several years to fully recover from. But because of that injury and my subsequent journey to recovery, I was able to personally realize how powerful natural approaches are to health and how my future could be intertwined with natural healing.”

Initially unable to read, spell or hold a conversation after the accident, Dr. Seth was told by a brain surgeon that there was “nothing we could do” to help her recover from her traumatic brain injury. 

“That’s when I realized I had to solve my own health problems in more unconventional ways,” says Dr. Seth “I studied herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and Eastern medicine, all in a desire to find health and healing. However, it was the chiropractic care I received that was the most powerful and restorative therapy."

“As I began to find better health, I realized my accident was illuminating the path for me to become the true healer I remembered in my very young days. At that point, I enrolled in chiropractic school to become the doctor I had always imagined myself becoming,” says Dr. Seth.

“I am now complete and on the path to reaching my greatest potential, not just in the chiropractic profession, but through my inborn desire to be a healer.”

A Revolutionary Approach to Health

So how does Dr. Seth combine her “desire to be a healer” and her chiropractic education into helping her patients overcome their health issues?

“My foundation is based in holistic chiropractic. From that context, my goal is to help heal the patient’s body, mind and spirit - the aspects of health that create who you are - to help them achieve better health.”

“I create individual and unique healing programs to help people reach their true health potential,” explains Dr. Seth. “I typically see people who have ‘normal’ test results, but don’t feel well. I determine what challenges their bodies have to healing and give the body the tools it needs to heal from the inside out. The body is designed to heal itself, and many times it just requires the right tools to get the work done.”

Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Seth focuses on the long-term source of the pain or discomfort and then determines if it is a structural or nutritional deficiency or emotional issue - or a combination of the three, which Dr. Seth calls the Three Pillars of Health. That approach is rare among chiropractors, who usually just focus on structural problems and sometimes nutritional deficiencies. “I don’t know of another chiropractor who focuses on the emotional side of health as well.”

Dr. Seth notes that her own journey to health because of her traumatic brain injury has “given me a great amount of compassion for what my patients are dealing with. I learned I had to listen to my own body for me to get better and it’s something I emphasize to them.”

Often, Dr. Seth ends up being the last hope for patients who have suffered from years of chronic conditions. “In many cases, no one else has been able to help them and often that is because no one has really listened to them and paid attention to the details of their story,” notes Dr. Seth. “I find that by really listening to their body I can ‘crack the code’ of what is the true health issue that is affecting them.”

“I often feel like I am more of a body ‘interpreter’ than a healer,” notes Dr. Seth. “I find that the body wants to heal and is desperately seeking through symptoms the right healing approach. Symptoms are the body’s language and they give each person a way to understand their body. You have to get people to change how they think about pain and to ask themselves ‘how do I get my body back in balance so it no longer wants to use pain to speak to me.’"

According to Dr. Seth, people get trapped into the medical approach to health. “They think there is a ‘magical pill’ that will help them get well. But the truth is that you have to make changes to address your problem and not just take a pill.”

The Essence of How She Heals 

What specific healing “tools” does Dr. Seth use in her treatment plans? “We have a robust array of natural healing tools - see our website under the Services Link for an in-depth look at them - but our core approaches center on chiropractic techniques, soft tissue manipulation, Morphogenic Field Technique, and the Emotion Code.”

Chiropractic adjustments at Healing River Chiropractic are uniformly gentle, according to Dr. Seth. “We work with the nervous system directly and use a much gentler set of adjusting tools centering on the Thompson Drop Table technique. I believe that when you adjust a patient and combine the right torque, impact and force, all you really need in the adjustment is a tap and you can achieve the desired result.”

That approach to adjusting means that anyone is able to benefit from this approach. “Gentle adjusting opens this technique to a much larger number of people, because I don’t have to worry about hurting someone who is fragile because of an underlying condition such as osteoporosis.”

Morphogenic Field Technique is a cornerstone of healing for Dr. Seth. Morphogenic Field Technique is a symbiotic combination of energetic healing and nutritional healing. The energy field is used to find the foundational and the clinical nutritional needs of the body at the cellular level using a modified form of muscle response testing. The Morphogenic field (or M-Field) is an extension of the nervous system.

Emotion code therapy is designed to help patients “alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore love to relationships,” says Dr. Seth. “It may even help you break through self-sabotage and live more abundantly.”

Dr. Seth emphasizes her support role in the healing process. “I don’t heal my patients - their body heals itself. My job is to help them figure out their condition and then work with the patient to develop and implement a care plan. We both have parts to play in that path to healing. I am a coach and supporter on their path back to health. I can give them the tools that they have to use in their life – but they have to take ownership.”

“In my role, I work with each individual to determine his or her own best food choices, sleep patterns, exercise needs and possible nutritional deficiencies to overcome. I look at the Three Pillars of Health for every patient who comes to my office. First, we look to structure: muscles, bones and tissues. Second, we look to the chemistry: the physiologic balance of organs, tissues and cells.

“Third, we look at emotional/spiritual health: the balance of stress and life. By considering the Three Pillars of Health and the body’s individual health needs, I am able to create a health plan for every patient. We work together to find the true health potential unique to every single patient.”

Away From Work

Dr. Seth has a daughter - Sabre- who is attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and two stepchildren, Lila and Raymond in their early teens. Her husband Hank is an engineer who works for Ecolab in marketing. They live in Stillwater and in her spare time (which is rare), Dr. Seth likes to practice tai chi and yoga, cook, travel, and spend time with her family. She is an avid reader of the latest research on leading-edge approaches to healing in a never-ending quest to improve the health of her patients.

Dr. Seth is active with the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, regularly volunteers at the Stillwater Area High School, and is a member of the River Valley Health Practitioner group.

Shanna Pauley


Office Manager

Shanna is often the first person you see when you come in for an appointment at Healing River Chiropractic. But staffing the front desk is just a small part of Shanna’s responsibilities as the clinic’s Office Manager. She handles an array of office duties, from ordering and stocking supplements to maintaining the clinic’s electronic patient records. Her job duties are essential to Healing River Chiropractic running smoothly and efficiently.

Shanna brings more than 30 years of experience in health care settings to Healing River Chiropractic. including 18 years working in chiropractic offices. “I’ve worked in health care for three decades because it’s important to me to be a part of something that helps people get better,” says Shanna. “I feel like at Healing River Chiropractic, I realize that goal every single day.”

Shanna grew up in Colorado and moved to Minnesota in 1997. She lives in New Richmond, Wisconsin. She has a son (T.J.) and a daughter (Madison) both in their early 20s plus “lots of extended family in the area.” She loves being outdoors, bike riding with family and friends, going for walks with her dogs Rylee and Tucker, and just generally enjoying the gifts nature presents her.