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Restoring Your Health Naturally With Chiropractic and Nutrition

Restoring Your Health Naturally With Chiropractic and Nutrition

Restoring Your Health Naturally With Chiropractic and NutritionRestoring Your Health Naturally With Chiropractic and NutritionRestoring Your Health Naturally With Chiropractic and Nutrition

What to Expect from Chiropractic Visits

Our Philosophy

At Healing River Chiropractic we strongly believe in using gentle techniques to heal the body. Many patients think that when they visit a chiropractor we will twist your lower back and neck to align the joints, or that is the only way a "good" adjustment can be performed. This can be very scary for some people. A traditional manual adjustment releases endorphins which can make the patient feel good initially. Once the endorphins wear-off the patient may feel sore or could even feel worse. We do not twist the body, and instead use instrument-assisted adjustments, which can be used on newborns to the elderly, or a drop table. We believe every patient has a say in their care and we respect your input and decisions. For more information about specific techniques, please see below. 

Every patient is different and will have a different treatment approach. Not every technique is used on every patient. 

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Meet the holistic chiropractors at Healing River Chiropractic - Dr. Kellie Seth, D.C., founder of the clinic, and Dr. Lindsay Briggs, D.C., R.N.

What to Expect From Chiropractic Visits


Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing

We use muscle testing in our practice as we can adjust each person specifically and can test for the direction the adjustment needs to made in. This allows us to cut out any guesswork that may happen by physical exam only.


The Biomat is a far-infrared heating mat embedded with amethyst crystals. The infrared heat penetrates up to 8 inches in the body to create a high frequency healing ionic field within the body. The Biomat benefits injuries, organ healing, relieves fatigued or tight muscles, and FDA approved for body detoxification. The Biomat increases circulation in the area it is applied and can help heal the tissues. The amethyst crystals create a negative ion field in and around the body, which makes you feel at peace similar to the effect of being around running water or a waterfall. Any chiropractic patient is encouraged to enjoy the Biomat, at no charge, 5-10 minutes before their appointment. Please see the receptionist if you wish to book an appointment on the Biomat separate from your appointment. 

Kinesiotaping/ Rock-Taping

This technique of taping is designed to enhance performance as well as help heal tissues by lifting the skin and allowing more blood flow and increased nutrients into the area. It can be helpful in the relief of pain associated with sprains (ligament) and strains (muscle).

Cranial Manipulation

Cranial manipulation can provide significant relief for those who suffer from headaches or migraines, chronic body pain, sinus pressure, jaw pain, or post-dental work. Children and infants can even have cranial manipulation, though a little different from the adult version. Patients who have had concussions can also greatly benefit. Cranial manipulation is done by hand by contacting the roof of the mouth, with a gloved finger, and shifting the skull bones. 

Dural Manipulation

Dura Mater is the covering over the brain and spinal cord that allows cerebral spinal fluid to flow and nourish the cord. We’ve found that for our patients to reach their full health potential, the dura mater requires subtle manual shifting and gentle manipulation to release muscle memories of trauma and repetitive movements. 

Soft-Tissue Manipulation

The muscles, ligaments, and fascia need to be addressed for adjustments to hold well and to relieve pain. We use a several techniques such as manual, instrument-assisted, and/or fascial release.

Chiropractic Techniques Used



Hands-on manipulation and involves and small, painless, quick movement to a joint.

Drop Assist

A portion of the table props up a ½ inch and gently drops. It makes an audible noise, but is gentle in that it spreads out the force of the adjustment into a larger area. It’s easier on the patient as well as the doctor.


Hand-held instrument that allows the doctor to be very specific in the direction and torque of the adjustment as well as the amount of force that’s used. 

Webster Technique

Technique used on pregnant women most often during the second and third trimester to ease round ligament pain and help increase room in the pelvis for baby to go head-down. Round ligaments attach the uterus to the pelvis and can be a source of tension or pain for expecting mothers. Chiropractic care is encouraged during any trimester of pregnancy to help ease any discomfort of an expecting mother’s everchanging body. Our specific bone and soft-tissue manipulations can help ease or decrease back-labor during delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to come to the chiropractor forever?

ANSWER: We prefer to get patients better quickly, which can mean for some frequent visits in the first month. Thereafter, patients typically come in after they’ve moved wrong at home or work, slept wrong, injured themselves in a sport, etc. Like brushing your teeth as a preventative measure for cavities, we recommend monthly checkups to maintain neurologic and joint health to sustain your good health.

Why do you want me to drink water to help my muscles?

ANSWER: The body is made from 70% water roughly. If you’re dehydrated your muscles are going to be tight and the spinal muscles can pull on your spine. You should drink half your body weight in ounces a day. Your weight in lbs/ 2 = ____ounces

Do I have to do the exercises/stretches you recommend?

If you would like to get better in a shorter amount of time, yes. The exercises will not be forever and bring quick results. We often recommend a simple and easy exercise for dropped foot arches, core strength, or other posture related stress. Gentle stretching is also recommended to relieve pain for those who spend a lot of time sitting at their jobs.

Will I be sore afterwards?

ANSWER: Some people experience soreness that is similar to working out. When the body has been compensating for a long period, certain muscles get lazy. When the body is put back into alignment the muscles have to start working again and you feel sore. It’s to be expected, usually only after the initial visit.